Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cutie Caleb

 So I started writing this post (along with one about Liam - that accidently got deleted) way back in October. After my post ended up getting deleted I got very discouraged and frustarated and gave up. It will take me longer to get the post up about Liam but figured I should at least get this post up about Caleb since I had most of it finished forever ago. He is alredy 13 months old and this post is about when he was 4 and 5 months old-ish (if I remember correctly)

Caleb you are such a joy to have in our lives. You are probably the best baby I have ever met. You are always happy and sooooo smiley. You love it when people talk to you and pay attention to you. It seriously makes you just the happiest thing ever. You have started talking and gurgling so much lately. You stick your tongue out when you talk and gurgle too. Its so cute.
 This is you blowing bubbles. Its one of your new favorite things to do and its really cute!
 For some reason you also love eating shoes! Pretty gross! No matter what, you go for the shoes!!

You only cry or fuss when you are tired or hungry basically. Sometimes when you are ignored for too long while I am cooking or cleaning though too. But as soon as you can see me you brighten right up and have the biggest smile ever.
You are sooo close to rolling over from your back to your tummy. But you have been rolling the other way for a long time. I sorta blame it on the hard tile floors though. So we practice on the bed!
You love the  beach so much. Even if you are tired or hungry you are just so happy to be in the water that you dont care.
You love your big brother. He makes you laugh all the time and you get so happy to see him. He sometimes loves you too much and makes you a bit sad but you really are the best of friends.
Liam loves being with you and doing everything for you. He is even trying to put you to sleep by patting you on the bum! :) Such a good big brother!

You can sit up really good in the bumbo and for a little bit on your own but not a lot. You dont sit straight up yet but you are getting stronger every day.
You are really good at finding our soother and putting it into your mouth. You like your soother and it keeps you happy sometimes when you are sad but you dont like it as much as your big brother.
 You giggle so much now. Some days we can get you to laugh and laugh and laugh. A LOT. Its pretty much the cutest thing and it makes me so happy to see you growing up and learning to play and associate with us.
You sleep really good at night and you only wake up 2 times and thats just to eat and then you go right back to sleep wnen I put you in your play pen. You sleep a solid 11 hrs at night which is awesome :)We are not sure if you are a 2 nap baby or a 3 nap baby. When we put you down for your 3rd nap you think we are putting you down for the night and we have to wake you up from it. Which of course you hate. Nap times I lay you down on your tummy and pat your bottom for a little bit and then you go right to sleep. At bedtime I lay you in your play pen and you go right to sleep. Just like that most the time too. No crying, no fussing just sleep.You are so happy after you wake up from your naps and in the morning and it makes me sooo happy. Sometimes you will just stay in your play pen for a half an hour in the mornings just cooing and talking to yourself. Its AWESOME :)
You love kicking and kicking and kicking. You are a kicking machine. Your legs are always going and i wish so much that the jolly jumper would work here for you. We have a jumperoo but you havnt quite gotten into it yet. You also like eating your feet and toes and just moving. You love being up and standing and jumping. You are happiest when you are standing up facing me. You love when we pretend to eat you and especially your sides and under your arms. You love when we blow on your tummy too.
You are ticklish and its so cute. you giggle when we tickle you.
You pull my hair like crazy. You have always managed to find hair and pull ever since you were little.
You love when dad plays with you and scares you and does crazy dad things with you. You love spending any time with him at all!Going for walks, being ticked and goofing around are for sure some of our favorites though!
You love it when I raise you in the air and then bring you down quick. If you are sad it almoat always does the trick.

You love playing with toys and grabbing things and putting things in your mouth.You chew on everything you can. You MIGHT be teething but you do it all the time and have been doing ti for a long time too. Everyone always thinks you are teething though! I am not so sure! I think you just like to do it!
 You like reading your little book! Mostly you like the noise the pages make!

Caleb has started to eat rice cereal and some fruits. I havnt found veggies that are the 1st foods to feed babies here so fruit it is. Peaches, pears and bananas so far. He doesnt like the peaches as much though. He gets so excited about it but then when the spoon gets close to his lips he sticks his tongue out and starts gurlging and spitting and its so funny. He loves grabbing at our plates and utenils. I think he would much rather be eating what we are eating.
 Caleb also LOVES popsicles. We started giving them to him pretty much as soon as we got here because it is so stinkin hot out and you would be SO sad when your big brother would get one and you would not! You go crazy when you see them!
You like the swings at the park! Sometimes you could just fall asleep right in there!
So cutie!
You love getting attention from people and Remy and Kayleigh (our neighbors) enjoy playing with you! Remy always asks to hold you!
Youve started grabbing your brother sippy cups and sticking them in your mouth You havnt quite figured out how to suck through them yet but you still enjoy doing it. Probably because your brother likes doing it!
 You have even tasted guavas. We let you taste these even before you had rice cereal! They are my favorite!!
You like you bouncer too and I am so glad that we have it. I can bring it with me and you can always be close by without always having to be on the hard ground!
You are so silly! Here you are trying to eat your bumbo! Not sure why but you thought it would be fun to bend over and start chewing on it. Mayeb it was because you had spilled a little rice cereal on it and were trying to eat it all up. Below is you being silly and falling though the couch. :)
Caleb we are so lucky to have you in our lives and wouldnt want it any other way. We just love you so much and you bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. We are so thankful to be so blessed and that we have the privilege of raising you and your brother!  You are just the sweetest most cutie thing ever! You are always so happy and smiling and remind us daily to always be happy too! Love you Caleb!!
(Oct 2012)


  1. Your little boys are adorable! It looks like you are having such a fun adventure in Statia! Living by a beach is the best!

    1. Aw, thanks that's really sweet! I cant get enough of them. Statia is definitely a struggle some days but we are having such a fun time!!! Loving the beach that's for sure!